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Featured Products

No/No Tray Feeder (SKU: NONOUD00314)No/No Tray Feeder (SKU: NONOUD00314)All Metal wire mesh basket and tray, hugh capacity, holds over 2.5 lbs. of seeds. Drains to shunt away moisture from rain or snow. No assembly, easy to hang. Dispenses black oil sunflower seed or mixtures of sunflower seed, safflower seed and peanut pieces. Resists squirrel damage.
Bird baths, solar fountains, heated, copper, or resin bird baths are easy to buy online at Bird Bath & Beyond.  A bird bath is an essential element to keep your feathered friends happy, healthy, and safe. As the natural water supply dwindles, water you provide in a bird bath is vital. About 70% of a bird's non-fat body tissue is water, that needs to be maintained to avoid dehydration. By cleaning their feathers and grooming, the natural oils help to insulate their bodies from the cold. A bird bath fountain is also a sure way to attract wild birds to your yard. They like moving water, add a water wiggler to your bird bath to eliminate stagnant water.
Be sure to keep your bird bath clean. We carry anti-microbial cleaners, brushes, and Mosquito Free.
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25 Foot LOCKNDRY Extension Cord25 Foot LOCKNDRY Extension Cord
Bird Bath De-Icer (200 Watts)Bird Bath De-Icer (200 Watts)
Burnt Copper Bird BathBurnt Copper Bird Bath
Ceramic Shell Birdbath BronzeCeramic Shell Birdbath Bronze
Copper Dripper/FountainCopper Dripper/Fountain
Copper Dripper/Fountain HummingbirdCopper Dripper/Fountain Hummingbird
Copperplated Steel BirdbathCopperplated Steel Birdbath
Country Garden Solar BirdbathCountry Garden Solar Birdbath
EZ-Tilt-to- Clean Deck Mounted,  Non-Heated Bird BathEZ-Tilt-to- Clean Deck Mounted, Non-Heated Bird Bath
Farm Innovators 250 W Birdbath De-IcerFarm Innovators 250 W Birdbath De-Icer
Farm Innovators 500 W Bird Bath De-IcerFarm Innovators 500 W Bird Bath De-Icer
Farm Innovators Heated Rock De-IcerFarm Innovators Heated Rock De-Icer
Fierenza Solar BirdBath FountainFierenza Solar BirdBath Fountain
Finches on Coneflower BirdbathFinches on Coneflower Birdbath
Flower BirdbathFlower Birdbath
Hanging Birdbath - ButterflyHanging Birdbath - Butterfly
Hanging Birdbath - DragonflyHanging Birdbath - Dragonfly
Hanging Glass Birdbath - BlueHanging Glass Birdbath - Blue
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