Allied Products Automatic Refill Birdbath
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Featured Products

No/No Tray Feeder (SKU: NONOUD00314)No/No Tray Feeder (SKU: NONOUD00314)All Metal wire mesh basket and tray, hugh capacity, holds over 2.5 lbs. of seeds. Drains to shunt away moisture from rain or snow. No assembly, easy to hang. Dispenses black oil sunflower seed or mixtures of sunflower seed, safflower seed and peanut pieces. Resists squirrel damage.
Allied Products Automatic Refill Birdbath
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Beautiful birdbath with automatic filler by Allied Precision. Kozyfill uses no electricity or batteries. No need to ever carry water to your birdbath again. Adds water to the birdbath only when water is needed. Made of durable materials to resist corrosion and scale build-up. Water supply line is hidden in the pedestal. Air pressure forces water from the reservoir to rise to the same height in the birdbath. The KozyFill runs off gravity / no electric needed. Will not crack in winter or in freezing temperatures. Connect KozyFill in 5 easy steps! 1. Mount the KozyFill on the pole near your water source. 2. Connect the reservoir to your faucet. 3. Run the line to your birdbath. All tubing can be buried if desired. 4. Turn on the water and depress the lever arm to begin operation. 5. Set the water level in your birdbath by adjusting the height of the reservoir on the pole. Included with KozyFill: Fully assembled reservoir, mounting pole, faucet Y-coupler w/shutoffs, and 50 ft. of tubing.
Features Benefits
3 Year Material and Workmanship Warranty
Water supply line is hidden in the pedestal
Fully Assembled Reservoir is included
No electricity needed, gravity flow system
Will not crack in winter or freezing temperatures
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