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More Products (Poles, Hooks and Hangers)

Large selection of hand crafted wrought iron products made in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania just the way our forefathers made them. Much stronger and better quality than the imports you'll find elsewhere. And the price is nice too! Select your deck hanger, bird feeder pole, or hand crafted wrought iron hook with confidence.
We have great bird feeder or bird house hangers and poles. NEW! Our most popular deck hook, the AL110 now comes with either a vertical, or horizontal mount bracket! We also have added a screw-mount attachment to the AL110 (AL110NB). No need for extra hardward for the AL 110NB. Hooks, hangers and brackets are essential for hanging bird feeders and bird houses correctly. End your frustration trying to rig up a wire or other household item to hang your feeder or birdhouse. Our fine collection of poles, mounts, brackets and hangers will ensure you hang that birdfeeder or birdhouse at just the right spot, will last longer and be easier to mount too. We also offer brushes for cleaning, baffles, domes and feed trays. All the essentials to make your life easier and prolong the life of your bird feeders and bird houses.
  Quan.   Description Price
1.   20" Birdbath w/stand
Quality workmanship in this metal birdbath stand with bath is ready to place in your garden or yard. 20" resin birdbath, non heated
Item No. ALLIEDPR850
2.   Quad Garden Hook
90" tall- Heavy Duty Magnum Crane - Quad. 5/8" Solid Square Steel (Comes Knock Down). Item comes in black powder coat finish. Hand made heavy duty wrought iron. 4 hanging hooks. Perfect solution for hanging planters, bird feeders, birdhouses and more in the garden or yard.
3.   14" Wrap Around Squirrel Baffel
14" diameter wrap around squirrel baffel for pole or feeder. Easy to install on pole, no need to remove feeder
4.   Multi Position Hook
An innovative design that assures ideal feeder positioning. Bracket locks securely in 5 different positions. Mounts on most decks, fences or walls.
5.   24" Extension Hook
Extension Hooks help you hang your feeder at the perfect viewing height. 24" Extension Hook, sturdy hardened steel with 2-1/2" W hook.
Item No. AL-E2
6.   12 Extension Hook
Extension Hooks help you hang your feeder at the perfect viewing height. Hardened Steel, 12" L x 2-1/2" W, hang planters, bird feeders, birdhouses and more with these handy hooks.
Item No. AL-E1
7.   Deck Mount Bracket
Easily clamps to your deck to hang bird feeders, flower baskets and more. Durable construction and polyester powder coating ensure lasting quality.
8.   Universal Mounting Bracket
Heritage Farms universal mounting bracket attached to Heritage Farms Metal Feeders and Wooden Feeders. Mounts to 4 x 4 Deck Posts, up to 2" poles and fence posts. Hardware and Instructions included.
Item No. HF7503
9.   Universal Pole Kit
Heritage Farms Universal Pole Kit fits most feeders with mounting capabilities. Includes adapters for flat and 3/4" threaded hole mounts.
Item No. HF75860
10.   18 Wrap Around Squirrel Baffle
Keeps squirrels away as well as snakes. Easily applies to most poles or shepherd hooks. Can be mounted on any pole size 1/2" - 1-3/8", round or square. Powder coated steel construction for years of protection.
Item No. WLNABAF18
11.   Best Long Brush
Item No. SE603
12.   Purple Martin Pole System
Use with Heritage Farms 7540 or any other Purple Martin Houses.
Item No. HF7548
13.   Torpedo Squirrel Baffle
Durable powder coated steel construction will provide years of protection against squirrels. Can be mounted on any pole diameter 1/2" - 1-3/8" round or square with an adjustable adapter.
14.   Window Glass Hanger
Attach to any window to hang lightweight feeders, wind chimes or ornaments. Holds up to 4 lbs
Item No. WL13207
15.   Bird Bath & Feeder Brush
Item No. SE601
16.   Big Dipper Seed Scoop
Seed Scoop, 2 qt. capacity with flat base.
Item No. SE602
17.   Best Hummer Brush
Item No. SE604
18.   Best Hummingbird Combo Set - Two Brushes
Item No. SE607
19.   Nectar Protector Jr.-Clear
Fill with water to keep the ants out of your nectar feeders.
Item No. SE620
20.   Vista-Dome Tray feeder
Aspect's all purpose feeder, 8-1/2" tray, 1-1/4 qt. capacity, protected by the elements with adjustable height dome.
Item No. ASPECTS278
21.   The Tube Top
Aspects' ingenious, patented design protects all Aspects 2-3/4" tubes from rain and snow. The tube top simply slips over the bale wire and rests on the feeders cap - no hardware needed!
Item No. ASPECTS281
22.   Round Seed Tray (8.5 diameter)
Seed Tray, 8-1/2" x 1" deep, fits all Aspects' 2-3/4" diameter feeders. Quick and easy to attach.
Item No. ASPECTS050
23.   Quick Clean Bigfoot Tray
This tray fits all of our 4 inch and 2 inch Quick-Clean feeders. Ingenious design allows tray to stay attached to Quick-Clean Feeders when base is removed.
Item No. ASPECTS423
24.   Weather Dome
A 12" universal dome that protects any small or medium sized feeder from rain and snow. Compatible with any brand feeder.
Item No. ASPECTS264
25.   Catstop Cat Repellent
Keep cats out of your garden, safely and efficiently, with a motion-activated burst of ultrasonic sound.
Item No. CTCAT002
26.   Purple Martin Gourd Rack - 12 unit
Purple Martin house gourd rack, comes with everything you need to start your own purple martin colony. (Gourds not included) For use with manufactured or natural gourd birdhouse.
Item No. PMECON-12
All prices in US Dollars


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