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Bird baths, Solar fountains, Heated, Copper, or Resin birdbaths are easy to buy online at Bird Bath and Beyond. Cold weather does not mean an end to using the birdbath. A bird bath is an essential element to keep your feathered friends happy, healthy and safe. As the natural water supply dwindles, water you provide in a bird bath is vital. About 70% of a bird's non-fat body tissue is water, that needs to be maintained to avoid dehydration. By cleaning their feathers and grooming, the natural oils help to insulate their bodies from the cold. A bird bath fountain is also a sure way to attract wild birds to your yard. They like moving water, add a water wiggler to your bird bath to eliminate stagnant water.
Winterize your birdbath with a heater or de-icer and provide water year round for your birds.
  Quan.   Description Price
1.   Burnt Copper Bird Bath w/stake
Burnt Copper finish birdbath. A hammered stainless steel birdbath with an antiqued copper finish. 16" diameter bowl, 3" deep. Stake included.
2.   Bird Bath De-Icer (200 Watts)
Open water during winter is unusual, and it will encourage a wide variety of birds to drink from an ice-free bird bath. This de-icer features a built-in thermostat. Even on the coldest days, it will keep drinking water within the optimal drinking range for wild birds. A stainless steel guard is provided to shield wildlife from contacting the heating element. The rear-exit power cord and neutral-color plastic housing make for a low profile in the bird bath. 3 year warranty. 200 watts, 120 volts
Item No. ALLIEDPR300
3.   12" Heated Bird Bath (Terra Cotta)
This plastic Bird Bath is 12" in diameter, thermostatically controlled, and comes complete with a 30" tall metal stand. The heating element and all electrical parts may be removed during non-winter months. This allows the bath to be used all year. When winter returns, simply snap the heating element back in place.
Item No. ALLIEDPR400
4.   Water Wiggler
WATER WIGGLER'S unique agitator action creates continuous ripples in water, preventing mosquitoes from laying eggs in bird baths. Water wiggler attracts birds to your birdbath.
5.   Water Wiggler / Illuminator
WATER WIGGLER'S unique agitator action creates continuous ripples in water, preventing mosquitos from laying eggs in bird baths. BIRDBATH SOLD SEPARATELY!
6.   EZ-Tilt-to- Clean Deck Mounted, 20 Non-Heated Bird Bath
This simple but durable mount firmly attaches the bird bath to deck rails. Deck rail clamp adjusts to fit a 2"x4", 2"x6" or 4"x4" railing. Its unique design easily tilts and lifts for cleaning or storing of the bath. Simply undo the catch and tilt the bird bath up for cleaning and draining, or lift straight up to remove the bowl completely.
Item No. ALLIEDPR645
7.   EZ- Tilt -to-Clean, Deck Mounted, 20 Heated Bird Bath
This heated bird bath is tested in -20F conditions, EZ to clean, hardware included. Deck rail clamp adjusts to fit a 2"x4", 2"x6" or 4"x4" railing. Power Cord stores away for summer use
Item No. ALLIEDPR650
8.   Heated Bird Bath and Pedestal
This 20" diameter patented Bird Bath is thermostatically controlled. It's been tested down to -20F. Allied Precision, Quality Heating Products
Item No. ALLIEDPR670
9.   20" Birdbath w/stand
Quality workmanship in this metal birdbath stand with bath is ready to place in your garden or yard. 20" resin birdbath, non heated
Item No. ALLIEDPR850
10.   Heated Bird Bath with stand
Designed to keep water ice-free all winter long, and has been tested in -20F conditions. Can be deck mounted also. Using the hardware included, the bath is also easily mounted to a wooden deck rail. Great for summer use also.
Item No. ALLIEDPR970
11.   Water Wiggler BirdBath
This deluxe Bird Bath is extremely lightweight and easy to setup. It comes with a plug so one can easily fill it with sand to keep this plastic bird bath just as stable as its stone cousins. Includes a water wiggler to keep water from becoming stagnant.
Item No. AlliedPR390
12.   25 Foot LOCKNDRY Extension Cord
LOCKNDRY Power supply cord - 16 gauge, 25 ft long. The revolutionary LOCKNDRY is the only detachable power supply cord approved by Underwriters Laboratories for use with heated buckets, heated pet bowls, heated bird baths, etc.
13.   Copper Dripper/Fountain
Charming Copper Dripper/Fountain for the birdbath or pond provides a gentle, steady stream for water-loving birds or use as a lovely garden pond accent. Crafted in flamed copper with a soapstone base. Grounded AC whisper pump (UL-approved) is included. Measures approximately 15" H.
Item No. ANCIENT940
14.   Copperplated Steel Birdbath
Copperplated Steel Birdbath. A stylish addition for a patio or garden, our Copperplated Iron Birdbath features a handsome scrolled flowering vine embossed rim and sturdy, yet graceful, iron legs fashioned to hold a potted plant. A perfect companion piece to our Copper Dripper/Fountain. The birdbath stand is 22 inches in height, the basin is 22 inches in diameter and the basin is 2 inches deep. The kit contains the stand, the basin and the hardware. It is designed to hold a 7 inch potted plant of
Item No. Ancient955
15.   12" Bamboo Adjustable Spout and Pump Kit
Natural Bamboo Spout with pump. Simply place the spout on the side of a bowl or bucket, adjust the support arms to the desired height and your fountain is ready to use! Eliminate Stagnant Water!
Item No. Bamboo10020
16.   Metal Birdbath with stand
Modern Orange design on a metal birdbath, 17.25 x 12.25 x 12.25", stand included.
Item No. EG2GB443
17.   Tiffany Hanging Glass Birdbath
Beautiful Tiffany Glass style hanging birdbath, diameter 11", comes with hanging chain.
Item No. EG2GB218
18.   Cedar Waxwing Flamed Birdbath
Unique 2-tiered birdbath on steel frame. Bottom circle can be used as a plant holder. Birdbath is steel construction, embossed with 3 birds and beautiful background sunset design.
Item No. AncientAG17040
19.   Hummingbird Birdbath
This pretty hummingbird glass birdbath comes with a stake for mounting. Bath size is 11-1/2" diameter x 2" deep. Stake stands 25" tall. Bath may be used alone as a table top unit for a variety of purposes.
Item No. EG2GM314
20.   Songbird Trio Birdbath w/stand
Beautiful Glass Birdbaths. Songbird friendly with textured bottoms and correct depths. Glass design makes birdbaths weather friendly. Attractive enough to display indoors, embossed with gorgeous and vibrant colors. 20 inches in diameter.
Item No. SE5006
21.   Songbird Trio Birdbath w/hanging chain
Beautiful Glass Birdbaths. Songbird friendly with textured bottoms and correct depths. Glass design makes birdbaths weather friendly. Attractive enough to display indoors, embossed with gorgeous and vibrant colors. 13 inches in diameter.
Item No. SE5008
22.   Farm Innovators 250 W Birdbath De-Icer
250 Watts, Top Quality, cast aluminum Utility De-Icer.
Item No. FIC250
23.   Farm Innovators 500 W Bird Bath De-Icer
Bird Bath De-Icer, 500 Watts, Cast Aluminum Utility De-Icer. This de-icer is heavy duty.
Item No. FIC500
24.   Four Seasons Birdbath
Create a natural pond-like bird bath in your garden or back yard. Enjoy watching the birds bathe and drink from this heated bird bath all winter long.
Item No. FIFS1
25.   Farm Innovators Heated Rock De-Icer
Farm Innovators Decorative Birdbath De-Icer, "Heated Rock", 75 watts
Item No. FIHR75
26.   Copper Bird Bath
Dark Finished Copper Pedestal Birdbath. Features a graduated basin to accommodate a large variety of birds. Cold rolled steel, to last regardless of the weather conditions.
Item No. PINE30222
27.   Antique Grey Birdbath
Lovely Design, simple and practical. Graduated basin to accommodate many varieties of garden birds. Finished in antique grey. Made of cold rolled steel. Size 17" bowl, 24 1/2" Tall.
Item No. PINE30223
28.   Antique Bronze Pedestal Bird Bath
This Pedestal Antique Bronze color birdbath will enhance the look of your garden, patio or deck.
Item No. RGBA01281
29.   Lily BirdBath
Lily Birdbath with Antique Copper finish will look great in your garden or back yard.
Item No. RGBA01282
30.   Classic 17" Hanging Bird Bath
Bird bath frame made of western red cedar and comes with a clay colored pan that is 1/5/8 inch deep. Has 3 point chain suspension.
Item No. SE505
31.   Classic 17" Birdbath W/ Post Bird Bath
Western red cedar bird bath frame and 27 inch high post. Bird bath pan is clay colored and 1 5/8 inch deep. Some assembly required.
Item No. SE506
32.   Mini Garden Bird Bath Green
Set a bird bath in among your flowers. Comes with either a green pan or a clay pan. 5 inch high. Some assembly required. Western Red Cedar.
Item No. SE507
33.   Heated Bird Bath w/Summer Pan
Keep the bird bath fresh and clear with a heated pan. Water is a vital resource to birds in the winter. Guaranteed to provide your birds with water down to -20 degrees F. Has a 60 watt thermostatically controlled and insulated heating element enclosed and sealed. Western red cedar frame and post. The post is hollow so electric cord is out of sight. Some assembly required. Summer pan Hunter Green color also comes with this unit. Western Red Cedar.
Item No. SE509
34.   Country Garden Solar Birdbath
Built-in solar panel. No wiring or setup required. Operates in direct sunlight.
Item No. STI3022
35.   Audubon Birdbath
This hanging birdbath with a detailed Egret Embossed pattern is crafted from recycled materials. Packaged in an attractive box, great for gift giving. Complete with hanging chain.
Item No. WLNA32350
All prices in US Dollars

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