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Gourd Bird Houses come in many sizes to fit different species of birds. We have chosen the colors you see below for their richness and natural look. The dyes allow the natural mottling of the gourd to show through.
It has been said that birds prefer natural gourd bird houses over any type of manufactured housing. You can understand why when you get a look at one. They are roomy, the bottom has the natural shape of a nest, and they resemble cavities that birds have been using for thousands of years. Natural Gourds were the first bird houses.
Free Instructions on How to Make your Own Gourd BirdHouse  
  Quan.   Description Price
1.   Primitive -Folk Art Gourd Bird House
This gourd bird house is hand painted by a local artist with a primitive scene. Gourd is 7 1/2" Wide X 12" High with a 1 1/2" entrance hole. Original and made in the USA, sealed for outdoor use. Has drainage holes and a leather strap for hanging.
2.   Gourd Nest Box for Robins, Phoebes and Thrushes - Natural
Also good for Pied Wagtails, Eastern and Say's Thrushes and Barn Swallows.
Item No. NBKRN
3.   Gourd Bird House for Downey Woodpeckers, Titmice, and Bewick's Wrens - Natural
Gourd bird house. 6" - 7" diameter gourd with a 1-3/8" hole. Not dyed for a very natural look and coated with 2 coats of an outdoor polyurethane.
Item No. BHKRN-14
4.   Gourd Bird House - Natural
7" - 8" diameter gourd with a 1-5/8" hole. Not Dyed for a very natural look. Coated with 2 coats of an outdoor polyurethane. The natural mottling of the gourd shows through.
Item No. BHKRN-16
5.   Purple Martin Gourd House with 2" Round Hole and Cleanout Access
Martins Prefer Real Gourd Houses! Made from gourds over 9" in diameter, they're plenty roomy. Painted white to reflect the heat of the sun's rays. Comes with wire hanger.
Item No. PMHRH
All prices in US Dollars

Some birds prefer their gourds to swing freely, and others like less motion. If you find the latter is true, remove the leather lanyard supplied with the gourd bird house and replace it with a coat hanger or rigid wire. Put the wire through the holes at the top of the gourd and wrap it around the gourd a little so it won't swing as much. Then wrap the wire around the branch limiting more of the swing. Your feathered friends will be fighting over the gourd bird house in no time.
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