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Book - Original Birdhouse Book
Only $14.95
Wire-O Bound for ease in using
Wildlife Birdbath
Only $125.95
On SALE for only $109.95
A fun bird house for your yard or patio
The Craftsman- Decorative Mixed Feeder
Only $24.95
On SALE for only $21.50

Brass Squirrel Proof Nut and Seed Feeder
Only $28.95
On SALE for only $24.95

Heated Bird Bath w/Summer Pan
Only $116.95
On SALE for only $112.50
Provide water all year long with a heated birdbath
Snowman Feeder
Only $28.95
On SALE for only $25.95
The perfect winter feeder
Absolute Mini bird feeder
Only $43.95
On SALE for only $39.50
The perfect solution to squirrel problems in a smaller size
Chalet Bird Feeder by Heritage Farms
Only $39.95
On SALE for only $34.95
Attractive feeder, ready to hang
Gourd Bird House - Natural
Only $21.95
Birds love em!
Plain Birdhouse
Only $24.75
On SALE for only $21.75
Back to Basics with this birdhouse
Three Compartment Gazebo Feeder
Only $124.00
On SALE for only $115.75
3 compartments for different seed - 5 color choices
Universal Pole Kit
Only $22.95
On SALE for only $21.25
Total Length is 68", Universal Pole kit
Burnt Copper Bird Bath
Only $69.95
Can Be Used With A Variety of Stakes, Hangers or Set on Table Top
BlueBird House Kit
Only $17.95
On SALE for only $16.95

Wisteria Gourd Birdhouse
Only $29.95
Welcome your birds with a lovely hand painted gourd birdhouse
Wren House Kit
Only $19.95
On SALE for only $18.25

Window Cafe, Window Feeder
Only $27.95
On SALE for only $24.75
Virtually unbreakable UV stabilized polycarbonate construction
Cobblestone Hanging Birdbath
Only $27.95
On SALE for only $22.95
Birds won't slip in this bath
Sunny Hours Sundial
Only $34.95
Nostalgic timepiece for a beautiful accent in your garden
Deluxe BirdBath
Only $42.95
On SALE for only $34.95
Economical and easy to clean
Multi Position Hook
Only $24.95
On SALE for only $22.80
Mounts on most decks, fences or walls
Sundial Base
Only $55.95
Enhance the look of your garden and show off your beautiful sundial
Allied Products Automatic Refill Birdbath

Don't carry water to the birdbath again

$124.95 Reg.
$117.95 SALE

Beautiful birdbath with automatic filler by Allied Precision. Kozyfill uses no electricity or batteries. No need to ever carry water to your birdbath again. Adds water to the birdbath only when water is needed. Made of durable materials to resist corrosion and scale build-up. Water supply line is hidden in the pedestal. Air pressure forces water from the reservoir to rise to the same height in the birdbath. The KozyFill runs off gravity / no electric needed. Will not crack in winter or in freezing temperatures. Connect KozyFill in 5 easy steps! 1. Mount the KozyFill on the pole near your water source. 2. Connect the reservoir to your faucet. 3. Run the line to your birdbath. All tubing can be buried if desired. 4. Turn on the water and depress the lever arm to begin operation. 5. Set the water level in your birdbath by adjusting the height of the reservoir on the pole. Included with KozyFill: Fully assembled reservoir, mounting pole, faucet Y-coupler w/shutoffs, and 50 ft. of tubing.


  • 3 Year Material and Workmanship Warranty
  • Water supply line is hidden in the pedestal
  • Fully Assembled Reservoir is included
  • No electricity needed, gravity flow system
  • Will not crack in winter or freezing temperatures

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$124.95 Reg.
$117.95 SALE


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